A FAST system provides an ideal home for large volumes of friendly organisms in the inner, aerated, self-cleaning bioreactor chamber to digest the waterwater and turn it into a clear, odorless, high-quality effluent.

  • No need to add bacteria - No need to remove sludge
  • Odourless - Silent - Over/Under ground
  • Small & Large Projects - No Filters

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Floccin effectively makes the sludge evnvironmentally bengin rendering environmental compliance much easier. Floccin consists of a lineof flocculating agents custom designed to remove most contaminants from waste water such as: Oil refinery spills and sludge - BOD - TSS - Heavy metals - Inks, Pigments and Dyes - Emulsified Fats, Oil & Grease - Phosphates - Significantly reduces TDS ad EC's.

Floccin Case Studies

Oily Waste Water Processing - Floccin Application Chart - Folccing MSDS - Hazardous Oily Water Treatment - Oil Water Separation - Power Plant Case Study - Oily Waster -Water Oil Field Production - Oil Field Sludge Dewatering - Oil Field Water Treatment - Oil Recovery - Refinery Sour Water - Refinery Wastewater

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HNE Technology - The Concept

The bucket pump is a relic from the early days in fire brigade histroy. As is often usual with oddments from bygone times: everybody has one but hardly anyone uses it really. And it works in the same way as it has always worked. Imaginative firemen with a lot of professional technical background reflected on a modern improvement of the bucket pump.

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What is OCULUS ?

OCULUS, Over three million people worldwide have been treated with the Microcyn Technoloogy without a report of a single serious adverse effect.

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